Brittany Maples

Regional Property Supervisor

Brittany joined FOURMIDABLE in March, 2016 as the Residential Manger at a low income housing tax credit apartment community. In January, 2021, Brittany was promoted to Regional Property Supervisor.

When Brittany took over the property in Chattanooga, Tennessee, it consistently had delinquency over $31,000 each month. Within a year, she had her property at 5% or less in delinquency. In 2020 alone, which had its challenges with the coronavirus, she increased operating cash by 20%.

Brittany inherited a property that was averaging 87% occupancy, was consistently behind on annual recertifications, numerous residential issues and a lot of neglect out of the maintenance staff. Brittany picked her battles and was able to build a strong team that completely changed the entire atmosphere of the property, seeing all of those areas corrected.

Brittany has maintained an average occupancy of 97.3%. Her lowest yearly occupancy average never dropped below 96.7% during that timeframe as Residential Manager.

She managed the property through a major renovation project that could have disrupted her successes in occupancy and collections, but instead, saw the residents buy into her vision through to the project completion and her numbers remained strong.

One of Brittany’s strengths has been training her team. She has produced two active successful property managers that worked under her leadership in the short time she has been with us.

These skills and successes made Brittany the perfect candidate for the Regional Property Supervisor position. Brittany’s portfolio consists of mostly new takeovers in Illinois, Kansas, Michigan and Missouri with a diverse portfolio ranging from low-income housing tax credit, public housing, conventional, project-based Section 8, rural development and senior independent living.

Prior to joining the FOURMIDABLE, Brittany was a Property Manager for several Tennessee communities. Brittany holds a Tax Credit Specialist certification.