Jeri Hays, CPM Candidate

Chief Executive Officer

Jeri Hays has been part of the FOURMIDABLE team since 1986 and is a CPM Candidate. She has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an Accounting minor from San Diego State University. Jeri is LIHTC Certified and holds both AHM and COS designations.

In her tenure with FOURMIDBLE, Jeri has held positions of Controller, Director of Financial Administration, Executive Vice President and in 2016, she became Chief Executive Officer for the firm. Jeri has been on the Board of Directors of FOURMIDABLE since 2001.

As Chief Executive Officer, she is responsible for the effective management of all aspects of FOURMIDABLE’s business. Together with the Chairman of the Board and President, she is responsible for overall growth, development and profitability of the company. Her primary responsibility is to develop both short-term and long-term goals, objectives and strategies with Clients, the FOURMIDABLE Management Team and Executive Team members.

Jeri has overall responsibility for providing direction and leadership toward the achievement of FOURMIDABLE's strategic plan, mission statement and financial objectives. She also has overall responsibility for the financial integrity of FOURMIDABLE. She oversees a staff of accounting professionals who fulfill the accounting and reporting functions for the FOURMIDABLE portfolio.

She believes having a strong understanding of the objectives of FOURMIDABLE's Clients along with regular communication is the key to a successful partnership and achievement of their goals.

Prior to joining FOURMIDABLE, Jeri was the Lead Development Coordinator for Cannery Village Real Estate/Fluter Development in California. Their focus was on single family homes and condominium developments.