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FOURMIDABLE has an impressive record of marketing successes. Our achievements are derived from our experience in the housing market. We understand that the future of any property is dependent upon market knowledge and image. FOURMIDABLE’S Marketing Department develops targeted marketing strategies for each community in its portfolio. The perception of our communities is created, managed and continually enhanced with proven skill and creativity.

FOURMIDABLE has established an eight point framework from which we plan, measure, design and market residential developments. Our marketing approach is structured, yet flexible, to allow responsiveness to ever changing market conditions. FOURMIDABLE’S eight point framework includes the following:

  1. Market research and competitive analysis – identifying all factors influencing a marketing strategy.
  2. Identify the target market and develop a target market profile.
  3. Differentiate the product.
  4. To achieve maximum absorption, create a pricing structure and marketing budget supported by the market research and corresponds to target market factors. Establish and articulate the perceived value of the product.
  5. Establish a leasing/sales center environment that communicates and displays the quality of the lifestyle being offered. Design and create a sample model that dramatically demonstrates a unique lifestyle.
  6. Develop marketing materials that creatively differentiate the product and lifestyle, promoting the uniqueness of location and amenities. Materials may include: web site and internet advertising, marketing brochures, promotional newsletters, guest cards and other leasing tools, direct mailers, invitations to openings and special promotional events, supplemental outreach materials connecting the property to the greater community.
  7. Hire and train a professional management team with skills and experience appropriate to meeting the goals and objectives established by the Client.
  8. Promote the property through the implementation of a well-crafted promotional theme and advertising campaign that captures the imagination of the metropolitan community and prospective residents.

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