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In addition to advertising our communities on several websites, FOURMIDABLE’s website will provide your community with additional marketing visibility.  Our website utilizes the most current technologies while remaining “user friendly”.  We have the ability to quickly add or update a community to our website.  In addition to utilizing this for marketing the communities we manage, we also have a Current Opportunities section, under Employment Opportunities, which is updated weekly and advertises all currently available positions.  This provides our company with an additional avenue for attracting new employees.  Also, our website is advertised in our print advertising, enabling us to draw more prospective clients to each of the communities we manage.

Internet/Virtual Private Network Access

Communities managed by FOURMIDABLE are connected together with a high-speed internet connection, linking their site to our corporate office. This connection is utilized by the newest AMSI software suite.

Accounting Software

FOURMIDABLE has entered into a contract with AMSI that takes all site accounts receivable, service requests, and electronic purchase orders and centralizes it at the corporate office. The site staff uses eSite, eService, and ePO web-based software allowing them to conduct business more efficiently while giving the appropriate team members of our company the ability to have immediate access to accounting data from any pc with an internet connection.

FOURMIDABLE has a full-time Systems Trainer on staff and a computer lab at our corporate office. We also utilize a proactive approach, bringing accounts receivable processing in house until a site employee has completed the training course.

FOURMIDABLE acts as a beta site for our accounting software supplier. With eSite we fully integrate and automate repetitive and time consuming tasks and procedures, eliminating errors and redundancies and automatically control accounting functions performed at each apartment community. This has afforded FOURMIDABLE many technological efficiencies, including immediate access to all community data using a secure connection to the internet.

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