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Saluting industry professionals during a challenging time


The residential property management industry remains a resilient one, even when faced with unprecedented challenges. Around the country, leasing consultants, maintenance technicians, property managers, suppliers, and other property management professionals are working to keep everyone safe and turn residents’ apartments into homes.


At FOURMIDABLE, this idea is at the very heart of who we are as a company. That’s why we were delighted to team up with the National Apartment Association (NAA) this month to highlight the benefits of our growing industry and celebrate the hard work of our staff.


It is with great excitement that we focus on those dedicated members of our management teams from across the country. This month, we once again took part in Apartment Onsite Teams Day recognizing the efforts of the professionals who make residential communities thrive.


As our nation’s business community returns to some level of normal, every industry is being reshaped and reconsidered, especially in light of the pandemic that turned things on its head for more than a year. I’ve heard from people planning to leave one industry, say like food service or retail, and are looking for something new where they can make a difference. The team environment of property management is perfect for anyone who likes to solve problems, work with people or their hands, and help others in one of the most fundamental aspects of life – having a great place to live.


Over the years, I’ve seen opportunities in the property management industry grow and evolve across the country as the demand for apartments and housing communities grows at the same time. If you’re looking for a career with excellent opportunity for job security, job mobility, and great benefits such as 401(k) plans, health insurance, paid holidays, and paid time off, now is the perfect time to consider joining a great company like FOURMIDBALE.


Just think about this: a diverse range of opportunities flows across our industry, often needing skill sets in areas like accounting and management, from leasing and maintenance to activities planning and food service.


Yes, the past year and a half has been difficult, especially for all those on the frontlines committed to performing the work necessary to ensure our communities function properly while keeping families safe and healthy. 


Now as we finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, FOURMIDABLE, along with the whole rental housing industry, wants to celebrate by focusing on all of our staff but especially our onsite apartment teams, those who make the property management world rewarding and exciting.


I know very well the strength and dedication of our men and women, many of whom have served our communities for decades. My thanks may seem small in comparison to their devotion, but I offer it to them this month again – thank you for all you do day in and day out.