CREA, LLC (CREA) is a full-service, national, tax syndicator specializing in low income housing tax credits (LIHTC). We bring more than a century of combined affordable housing industry experience and a staff that is committed to providing innovative ways to maximize the long-term mutual economic benefits to developers and investors.

We have closed at least twelve transactions managed by The FOURMIDABLE Group, Inc. and count them among our most respected and reliable partners. FOURMIDABLE has a proven track record of successful deals in our portfolio and we would not hesitate to be part of any project they are involved in.

In short, I would give special consideration towards any development managed by FOURMIDABLE. If you have any questions or need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Mike Boyle
Senior Vice President

We first met the Fourmidable team before we took over a troubled property in Jackson, MS. Right away, we knew we had the right management company to help us achieve success. Starting from the initial acquisition through renovation and lease up, Fourmidable has provided excellent property management services for us and our properties.
Since acquiring Westwick Apartments in Jackson, MS, we have seen a complete turnaround at the property. Fourmidable and their on-site staff deserve much of the credit. They have helped to create a new standard of living and an environment that focuses on enhancing the experience of our residents.
Since that first meeting we have shifted a number of our properties over to Fourmidable management and have not been disappointed. Even during the COVID-19 crisis, Fourmidable has been an essential asset in adapting operating policies to protect the best interests and health of our residents, staff, and guests. 
Congratulation on 45 years and here’s to 45 more!
Huntley Witmer Development, LLC
Joshua Latter, Principal

Starting from the initial marketing and lease up, Fourmidable has provided property management services for this independent senior housing project since 1988.
Beyond normal property management capabilities, Fourmidable manages the fuller aspects of providing congregate meal services, housekeeping, resident activities, and enrichment programs for our senior residents.
For creating a unique senior living environment for active senior residents, Brookhaven Manor  was awarded the ‘2020 Best Senior Living Award’ by Brookhaven Manor is the only winner in Ann Arbor and has earned the award every year since 2013.  Certainly Fourmidable deserves much of the credit for that recognition.
Even during the COVID-19 crisis, Fourmidable has been an essential asset in adapting operating policies to protect the best interests and health of our senior residents, staff, and guests. 
Congratulation on 45 years of successful service.
Brookhaven Manor
James B. Oatley, CFO

It is with great pleasure that the Sterling Heights Housing Commission’s Resident Council provide a letter of recommendation for services with FOURMIDABLE Property Management Company.  The residents at Schoenherr Tower have high regards and the utmost respect for this organization.
FOURMIDABLE has been our managing agent for over 12 years.  They are extremely professional and provide prompt response when dealing with the corporate office staff, as well as the onsite staff.  They handle the day to day operations in a proficient manner.  Staff is present during our monthly Activity Meeting’s to ensure the residents have the support to provide successful activities.
We are pleased to say that the FOURMIDABLE Property Management’s staff has always gone above and beyond to ensure the residents’ requests and concerns are handled promptly.

Ms. Rose Keating
President – Sterling Heights Housing Resident Council

I have been working closely with Fourmidable Management since 2006.

Fourmidable managed a large national portfolio of REO multifamily investments for a New York based investment banking firm that I advised. Their work was instrumental in a successful disposition of the bank’s tax credit syndication business.

They currently manage the multifamily properties in my own portfolio where we stepped in and replaced the general partners. They currently operate five investment properties for my affiliates in Michigan, Maryland and Mississippi. The improvement in performance has been dramatic. Most striking to me is their ability to save us considerable money on audits, tax preparation, property insurance and other services without any diminishment in the quality of the services.

I recently brought them into a 178-unit multifamily LIHTC property in St. Louis, Missouri and a 60-unit multifamily RD property in New Port Richey, Florida where I act as a third-party advisor to the owners and the owners have been very pleased with their performance.

Fourmidable has shown the flexibility to approach each asset uniquely. There have been operational savings and improvement in working capital across the board but they understand that the approach must be very specific to each owner’s business plan, especially when it comes to capital improvements. We work within a complex regulatory and government compliance environment and they have depth of knowledge required to meet those demands.

I highly recommend Fourmidable to both institutional and investors and to those of us who own multifamily property investments for our own account.


Paul Corrigan