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Using Social Media To Advertise Your Property

Long gone are the days of taking out an ad in the newspaper to list your property. Being able to showcase and build a brand using social media is the most efficient way to connect with current and potential residents. Need to fill some vacancies? This is where social media can be a huge asset.

Showoff your Amenities
Always list the basic amenities that prospective residents might be looking for: laundry facilities, pool, gym, playground and be sure to include anything that may be unique to the property. Have a car wash station? Highlight it! Have a Summer kick-off party at the pool every year? Highlight it!  

Pro Tip: Ever see pictures of a place online and then get there and it looks nothing like the picture? Not many things in life are more disappointing than that - so, be sure to take lots of quality pictures of the areas and amenities with decent lighting so potential residents have a good idea of what the property has to offer.

Share your Vacancies
The fastest way to fill those vacant units is to post about them. The rental market is crazy right now and tons of people are looking to move quickly. Through the power of sharing, these posts could reach those exact people in a matter of minutes. Again, be sure to take good pictures of the unit, highlight the amenities and include the date the unit will be available. It’s also important to always include the property website and ways to contact the office for more information on the property and application process.

Highlight your Renovations
Currently renovating areas of your property? Let the followers (and prospective residents) in on the journey. Post the pictures of the dust and talk about what the grand plans are. This is a great way to show future residents that the property cares about upgrading outdated areas and items. If there is anything people love – it’s a good before and after picture.

Spotlight your Employees and Residents
When people are looking for places to live, they’re not just looking for a building, or amenities – they’re also looking for the people who will help them make that place their home. Current and prospective residents want to be able to put a face to the brand and get to know the person that will be able to help them if something comes up. So, go ahead, post the birthdays, anniversaries and any events that you may put on for the residents. As always, make sure permission is given before sharing photos or creating posts about anyone on social media.

Sometimes the thought of putting yourself and your property out there on social media can feel a bit overwhelming. Start small and encourage the current residents to “like” or “follow” the property's social pages and even give reviews of their experience living at the property. Good reviews are golden when it comes to helping prospective residents choose one property over another. If posts are created regularly and incoming comments and messages are responded to often, it can help create a successful property page and potentially keep occupancy numbers high.