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7 Fundamental Factors to Enhance Your Company’s HR Approach

Besides managing properties and taking care of residents, when it comes to having a solid property management plan there is nothing more critical than taking care of our greatest asset – our employees.
Even as times change, cultural shifts take place, and technology advances in new directions, our priorities shouldn’t change when it comes to developing and utilizing a solid approach to human resources (HR). At FOURMIDABLE, the HR role, like many positions in our company, will evolve over time. That said, we remain focused on these seven fundamental considerations.
Recruiting - Our economic climate calls for HR professionals to be even more in-tune with the latest methods of recruiting than ever before. Placing high-level talent goes well beyond the old methods of placing a print advertisement or an online listing. Be creative in your thinking and relentless in your efforts if you want to be successful recruiting.
Training - Continual training on safety and best practice policies is vital to protecting our employees, the company, and the properties being managed. Developing a network to help with a wide range of training topics and instituting continuous training methods is a must.
Company culture - A major shift has taken place in recent years with many companies realizing the importance of cultivating culture in their organizations. Ensuring employees are recognized for their achievements is only one piece of the puzzle. Companies must develop ways to engage their staff and explain the cultural values that are most important to the organization. Employee initiative programs need to be comprehensive and focus on developing employee unity, cultural understanding, and ongoing recognition efforts.
Benefit planning - It is essential that the HR staff focus on providing the best access to benefits.  Helping employees take care of their families through health benefits and plan for their financial security in retirement are closely connected to finding and retaining top quality talent.
Compensation analysis - Know what your competitors are doing. Understanding what the job marketplace looks like is not to be underestimated. It is essential to know the base lines that impact your company and stay current with local compensation trends.
Equal Employment Opportunity (EEOC). The world of regulation is a fact of life and any good HR approach. Work hard to maintain a thorough understanding of these rules to ensure every effort is made to provide a fair, safe workplace.
Technology advancement. Working with IT managers, and being focused on what technology can offer, is a great way for the HR staff to find new avenues to assist employees. By allowing employees access to information in an easy and efficient manner, you will enhance your company’s culture.