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Bridging the Gap

The issues of diversity and inclusion are essential to developing and extending the value of people with different backgrounds. One area where FOURMIDABLE is making a difference in the lives of our residents is through the strength and diversity of the people who make up our workforce.
Taking care to extend the opportunities that exist at FOURMIDABLE is just one step in a process. Our hiring efforts extend to recruiting employees that are racially, ethnically and generationally diverse as well as hiring multilingual staff to better communicate with our residents.
Closing language barriers is one area where we’ve been able to get closer to meeting the needs of our clientele. We’ve accomplished this at Schoenherr Towers by reaching out to resident translators for help when needed. 
The Sterling Heights Housing Commission and Schoenherr Towers worked together to take specific steps to extend that help through a series of English as a Second Language classes.
Diversity in the area of language as well as ethnicity is important when the goal is to create a stronger society.  We begin by having conversations with our residents and implementing their specific needs to the best of our ability. 
At FOURMIDABLE, we recognize the challenges and we are continually taking steps to become more diverse at the properties we manage and the employees we hire. 
The benefits are priceless, and the effort is more than worth it.