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Company Culture Critical to Engaging Your Team

Creating and sustaining a company culture that invites employee initiative, engagement and participation doesn’t just happen. It requires a commitment by the president, CEO, office managers and HR team to collaborate and share a vision for what the work place should be like for everyone
At Fourmidable, there are cultural values essential to our success and building a successful staff who will go above and beyond when assisting our clients, giving back to the community and developing an attitude that is focused on inspiring each other every day.
First, we strive to be a place where people can feel free to share ideas openly and with the knowledge that they will be heard.
Next, Fourmidable is a place where people are willing to pitch in and foster an environment where everyone helps out their coworkers. We call it an “All for one, one for all” mindset.
Third, it is critical that our people understand the goals of the company so that we can work together to reach those goals in a fun and fulfilling way.
Last, but far from least for us, is the idea that everyone should enjoy life at Fourmidable, and have a bit of fun while doing so, especially since there are times when we spend more time together than with our families.
For an employee-focused culture to work, you have to both secure leadership’s backing and develop a budget for what we call an “employee initiative plan,” setting aside the resources each year for the things you want to do.
So, in practical terms here are some examples that have helped Fourmidable perfect this highly important idea of engaging our team.
It all begins with employee recognition. This is so important, it should be a top priority for everyone. We use thank you boards to recognize people going above and beyond their normal job duties. Various forms of public recognition for the team, with a client, a resident or across the company, helps make the recognition special.
Every month we seek out an individual who went above and beyond and recognize them with something like a gift card. We also encourage peer recognition and sharing success among the team.
In the works is another way to recognize someone through our new “lunch with the president and CEO” program where we will take an individual to lunch, creating a way for us to get to know each other better.
On a quarterly basis we host activities and events, like a cruise on the Detroit River with the corporate office. We have hosted bowling outings, trips to mystery/escape rooms, picnics, and even visits to the office from an ice cream truck. Monthly yoga sessions in the office are not unusual either.
Another interesting effort is arranging for an “offline” space in our office where people can go to relax. This corner pocket is designed with a dart board, massage chairs and a ping pong table.
When it comes to giving back, our team has raised money for the Wounded Warrior Project, been involved in walk/run events raising money for a local park and started a competition called “Pushups for a Purpose” to raise money. We also seek out employees who have a relative or family member currently serving in the military, whether home or aboard, and created care packages to send them.
In the end, things like procedures, processes, and quotas can only go so far. More important is developing an underlying culture of engagement, participation and fun, and honest company values that attract and hold onto talented people who are the face of the company and connect with clients every day.