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Decluttering Before Fall


Autumn is almost here and with cooler temps on the horizon, now is the time to do some decluttering before hibernating. Decluttering around fall in many ways helps prepare for the upcoming holidays. With new toys, holiday decorations and bulkier clothing and outerwear, homes tend to get a little crowded during this time - and though it can be cozy, it can also get a bit overwhelming.

One of the easier steps to start with is going through clothes. If you have the room, try putting your summer clothes in a bin to make room for your fall and winter clothes. If you have a little one, now is the time to see what still fits and what an be donated or handed down. This is also the part where you can really be mindful of what you use and what you don’t use. A good question to ask is have you worn it or used it in the last year? If you haven’t and it has no sentimental value to you, it might be time to add to the donate pile. If you use different blankets or pillows during the cooler months, now would be the time to change those out too.

Pro Tip: Give them a quick wash before packing them away and keep a fresh dryer sheet in a bin or vacuum seal bag so when you take them out next season, they will be clean and ready to use.

The next thing to dig into is the toys. ‘Tis almost the season where toys never stop multiplying. If there are toys that your child no longer seems interested in, time to donate. Another option is to pack some toys away and interchange them throughout the year. Sometimes too many toys can feel overwhelming to your child and they may have a hard time picking something to play with. Switching out toys helps because the toys will feel new to your child and you will be able to keep the toy clutter to a minimum.

Another easy tip for packing things away is to label everything as you go. This will help you find what you’re looking for easily when you need it. If you’re having a hard time finding the motivation to go through your stuff, try setting small goals or rewards. Maybe allow yourself to buy a new, fall scented candle once you pack away all of your summer season scents, or save your “cup of coffee and scrolling” for after you’ve finished decluttering at least one room. December you will thank September you for the steps you took to declutter earlier in the season.


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