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Getting Rid of Pesky Household Odors Before the Holidays

The holiday season is starting and that may mean lots of extra family and friends in your home. But before the cooking and family gatherings start, you’ll want to make sure that any unwanted odors don’t scare off your guests.

One of the easiest ways to get a bad smell out of your home is to open some windows. Accidentally burnt that new pie recipe you’re testing out for Thanksgiving? That’s an easy fix – clean it up and air it out. Even though the air may have a chill in it now, opening the windows and letting in some fresh air can help eliminate strong smells within minutes.

When it comes to smells that may be a bit tougher to get rid of, try absorbing the odor before adding other scented deodorizers to the mix. Baking soda and white vinegar are great odor absorbers and are items most people already have in their home. Depending on what you’re trying to deodorize, a simple mixture of one of the two may be the quick fix you’re looking for. If the refrigerator is where your bad smells are coming from, the first step is to clean out any old and expired food. Next, to maintain a fresh smell, keep a box of opened baking soda in the back of the fridge and replace it monthly.

A more natural way to get rid of smells is to use things like vanilla extract or lemons to combat odors. Food getting stuck in the garbage disposal is one of the biggest culprits of unpleasant household odors. For a smelly sink and disposal, using lemon and ice cubes can help cut the smell and leave your kitchen sink smelling citrus-y. Another easy way to freshen up musty smells in your home is to use another item you likely already have laying around – dryer sheets. Tucking a dryer sheet into your dresser drawers can help your clothes and items retain that “fresh out of the dryer” smell. You can also use this method in your car, storage, luggage and cupboards.

When the smell is especially stubborn, a professional cleaning may be the only way to get it out. In that case, talk to your Residential Manager and they may be able to assist you in finding someone to help you. Once all of the bad odors are gone, your home will be ready for all of the good smells and memories the holidays have in store.