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Managing Remotely: It's Simply Better

property-managementWhen it comes to efficiencies in our key business—which is managing properties for owners around the country—it has become critically important AND extremely desirable that we understand how the delivery and management of our service offerings are organized.

While FOURMIDABLE is based in Michigan, many of the physical properties we manage are many miles away, across state lines, and in communities where the need for excellence in management of properties demands the kind of system we have built up over time.

The first step for us is understanding what specific services can be centralized and what other services require the on-site attention of professionals we bring on our team.

What has made FOURMIDABLE one of the best in the business is our ability to answer that first question.

For example, doing accounting for a specific property isn't something that requires someone in the office of a local property. And neither is the technology that gives residents the ease of paying their rent. Those kinds of services, often called “back office” in some industries, are easily—once the decision has been made to go in that direction—done by team members who support the property manager but who aren't necessarily in the same office.

Because we recruit and value the most competent, experienced and team-oriented individuals, for the kind of services I'm talking about, location isn't nearly as important as it would have been in years past. It's good for our team members who now have greater choice when it comes to where they work.

Connections in the form of technology that we've come to rely on allow members of our team to collaborate in real time, focusing on the needs of the local property manager, who may easily be hundreds of miles away.

Once we've determined that a particular service can be done just about anywhere, the advantages begin to flow, not only from our ability to recruit the best people for the job, but to design and implement a flow of work that makes the most sense.

It also helps us to better manage the costs associated with a property, an important factor that will ultimately find its way back to the people who live in our communities.

Because we are better at what we do and because these levels of excellence have quality and cost as underlying goals, the efficiencies flow very nicely.

Sure, we could work differently, with all manner of property management services duplicated in each property we manage.

But doing so would be missing the entire point of why and how we've built FOURMIDABLE into the kind of property management company that delivers value to property owners and to the people who call the communities we manage home.

FOURMIDABLE finds itself on the winning end of the equation as we find ourselves increasingly in demand by property owners such as municipal housing authorities who count on us to deliver the best quality housing at an affordable price.

We think it makes the most sense to do business this way. And we know those who connect with us agree!