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Remembering and Honoring Our Veterans

When it comes to honoring the achievements of our fellow citizens, it would be hard (if not entirely impossible) not to think of a group more critical to not only our future, but our heritage, as the men and women who serve in our military.

As we approach Memorial Day, our thoughts go to those who paid the ultimate price for their service.

While we certainly honor the fallen, it's also important that we not forget those who remain with us after completing their service to our country.

Those who are “Wounded Warriors” are very close to our hearts here at FOURMIDABLE. And while we play a modest role in supporting the national Wounded Warrior Project, we do so proudly and with the hope that as many of our fellow citizens will become aware of all the good our military have accomplished.

In the briefest possible terms, the Wounded Warrior Project connects, serves, and empowers wounded warriors by providing free programs and services that address their needs and fill gaps in government care.

Funds to support this enormously important cause are raised by various initiatives, and we at FOURMIDABLE are enormously encouraged by our colleagues who participated in last year's inaugural "Push-Ups for a Purpose" initiative.

Collectively, our employees raised $16,148 for “Push-Ups”—through challenges like the most push-ups done in a one-minute period, number of sit-ups done in one minute, how long holding the “plank” position, and how long holding a wall squat.

Our team gathered pledges from among their own networks for their effort.

As a nation, the contribution made by our veterans goes beyond the ordinary and it’s the least we can do to contribute to a cause that not only recognizes those efforts but takes steps to “fill in the gap” when it comes to the needs of those who once proudly served in uniform.

We're happy to have played a role and we encourage others to do the same.

In business, we've also made it a matter of pride to look for opportunities to make life a little easier for our veterans to find housing that they can take pride in calling home.

Of note are two FOURMIDABLE managed communities that offer preferences and specials to veterans: Tall Oaks in Tupelo, Miss. and Fountain Square in Columbus, Miss.

We’re also proud that many of our market rate communities offer rental discounts to veterans.

It’s just another way that our FOURMIDABLE family can show its appreciation to the men and women who we collectively salute this Memorial Day.